NH Lyme Disease Prevention

Dates: 2015-2016

State: New Hampshire

Client(s): NH Charitable Foundation

Services: Health Care & Public Health Planning, Applied Research & Evaluation

Technical Expertise: Chronic Disease Management, Healthy Communities, Population Health, State and Local Public Health

An estimated 200,000-400,000 people in the United States contract Lyme disease each year, although only ~35,000 are reported (Johnson, et al.). Incidence has been increasing in both the United States and New Hampshire and New Hampshire has the second highest incidence rate of Lyme disease in the country (CDC).

JSI is working with range of state and community partners throughout New Hampshire to identify, prioritize, and fund Lyme disease prevention efforts around the state. For the first step, JSI is conducting key informant interviews with those currently working on Lyme disease prevention and reviewing literature to identify successful prevention efforts that could either be expanded or initiated in New Hampshire. JSI will then work with an advisory committee to prioritize the prevention activities and determine the best partner to carry out implementation. JSI will fund the selected activities and organizations and maintain oversight throughout implementation. Following the implementation of the prevention activities, JSI will work with the funded organizations to communicate the results to add to the body of knowledge around Lyme disease prevention efforts.

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