Adirondack Health Institute (AHI) Data Needs Assessment and Recommendation for Configuration of Services

Dates: 2015

State: New York

Client(s): Adirondack Health Institute

Service: Applied Research & Evaluation

Technical Expertise: Health Care Reform, Population Health, State and Local Public Health

The Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Program (DSRIP) is a groundbreaking initiative to transform the health system of New York State. The over-riding focus of DSRIP is reducing avoidable hospital use by 25% over 5 years for the Medicaid and uninsured population in New York State. The Adirondack Health Institute (AHI) is one of the New York Performing Provider Systems (PPS) that will implement the DSRIP initiative in the Adirondack region of the state.

In July 2015, JSI was contracted by AHI to assist the organization with their assessment of available data sources, identification of partners’ data needs, and streamlining the configuration of resources in the organization to meet needs across programs and partners. With this project, AHI aims to streamline resources across their four programs (Adirondack Health Home, Adirondack Medical Home, Adirondack Rural Health Network, and AHI Performing Provider System) to avoid duplication of efforts and resources, track progress, improve quality, report to funders, and ensure that AHI’s and its partner organizations’ needs are met.

The work is outlined in two phases. Phase I will involve: 1) reviewing AHI’s current data assets; 2) identifying additional data sources at the state and national levels that could supplement AHI’s available data assets; 3) interviewing AHI and partner organizations about their data needs and interviewing other PPS in New York and other states to inform the restructuring of AHI’s operations and streamline data-related efforts and resources; and 4) developing a final recommendations report. Phase II includes: 1) providing data for planning; and 2) performing ad hoc data analyses for AHI upon request.