Framingham Board of Health Environmental Scan

Dates: 2014

State: Massachusetts

Client(s): Town of Framingham

Service: Health Care & Public Health Planning

Technical Expertise: Healthy Communities

As communities look to better meet the needs of their populations and address health concerns, they are conducting needs assessments to learn how organizations are working together, or would like to work together, as well as understand the strengths and barriers in programs and services.

JSI was contracted to conduct an environmental scan and information gathering regarding the four health priorities identified in the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP): mental health and substance abuse, access to care, healthy aging, and obesity prevention. The information that was collected during the environmental scan established a foundation for the Framingham Board of Health strategic plan, and ultimately accreditation, and the future work of the Chief of Community Health position. The environmental scan was conducted at both the state/national and community levels to assist in identifying strategic directions that promote health through these priority areas, build on existing efforts, and ensure the future use of evidence-based practices.