Exploring the Feasibility of a Health Clinic on a Multi-School Campus

Dates: 2013

State: Colorado

Client(s): Clinica Campesina

Service: Health Care & Public Health Planning

Technical Expertise: Integrated Care Models, Maternal and Child Health, Adolescent Health, Primary Care, Safety Net

Clinica is in the process, with the Mapleton CO School District, of exploring the feasibility of opening a health center site on the District's Skyview Campus, in Adams County.

Clinica hired JSI to determine the overall demand for services in the proposed service area, in order to explore the feasibility of a comprehensive, fully integrated physical, dental, and behavioral health care clinic at Skyview Campus or a school-based health center model. Clinica wanted to understand the demand for such a clinic, as well as the potential impact on the existing nearby Thorton and Pecos clinics.

The project goal was to determine the overall demand and unmet need at various income ranges for primary care services in the Skyview Campus service area, and to develop a business plan for a service delivery model appropriate to meet those needs.

JSI coordinated with Clinica staff to complete a community needs assessment, feasibility analysis, and business proposal for the Skyview Clinic, taking into consideration the impact of health care reform implementation on access to care and consumer choice.