Supporting the South Florida Regional Extension Center Sustainability

Dates: 2013

State: Florida

Client(s): South Florida Regional Extension Center

Service: Health Information Technology

Technical Expertise: Health Information Technology

The South Florida Regional Extension Center (SFREC) seeks to understand the needs of physician practices in their region. Among other services, SFREC, helps health care providers navigate through the complexities of health information technology. The Center develops offerings which are critical to practice sustainability. JSI worked with the SFREC to conduct a market analysis and strategic planning process.

As part of this project, JSI conducted a literature review and secondary source review. This review provided inputs into the development of both a key informant interview guide and a stakeholder survey. Subsequently, both key informant interviews with member practices as well as a broad based survey were conducted.

Results from the interviews and survey were analyzed to develop a market analysis which formed the foundation for a two-day facilitated strategic planning session to review the results of the market analysis. The purpose of the session was to identify the priority areas on which the SFREC needed to focus to pursue financial and programmatic sustainability. At the end of the two days, recommendations regarding strategic direction, and necessary REC capacity to support strategic direction and risk analysis was completed.