Family Planning Data System

Dates: 2004-2017

States: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont

Client(s): US Department of Health and Human Services

Service: Health Information Technology

Technical Expertise: Health Information Technology

JSI was contracted by the DHHS Region I Office of Family Planning in May 2000 to manage the design, development, implementation, and ongoing management of a regional data management system supporting health information exchange (HIE) for over 250 healthcare provider sites across New England.

As part of this contract, JSI established and currently chairs the Regional Data Committee which serves as the Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) for this project. The Data Committee is comprised of grantee and regional leadership staff. With JSI's guidance, the Data Committee created a set of functional and operational requirements to meet both existing federal, regional, and state data reporting needs. These requirements served as the functional requirements specification for the system. JSI used these specifications to support system design, development, and implementation efforts. The key features of the system include four data collection methods (scannable paper, PC based application, web form and electronic file transfer from site legacy systems), data conversion to centralized formats, data storage and management, data analysis and reporting capabilities, HIPAA compliance, and features supporting ongoing system operations. The data system offers grantees significant enhancements in patient level data collection, data analysis and reporting to meet federal, regional, and state reporting requirements. JSI currently hosts and provides ongoing operational support for the system.