Title X National Training Center on Quality Assurance, Quality Improvement, and Evaluation

Dates: 2015-2016

Geographic Scope: Nationwide

Client(s): DHHS Office of Population Affairs

Service: Training & Technical Assistance

Technical Expertise: Safety Net, Family Planning & Reproductive Health

Website: http://fpntc.org/

According to The Alan Guttmacher Institute, more than half of the 36 million women of reproductive age living in America and in need of contraceptive services and supplies have incomes less than 250% of the federal poverty level, or are under 20 years old. In 2008, about half of these women who received contraceptive services, a pap smear, pelvic exam, or sexually transmitted infection services in the U.S. received care at publicly funded family planning clinics. While there have been regional, state-specific, and grantee efforts to assess the quality of Title X services, these data have not been standardized, systematically collected, or nationally available.

Through the Title X National Training Center on Quality Assurance, Quality Improvement, and Evaluation, JSI builds the capacity of Title-X funded organizations to measure and demonstrate performance, engage in quality improvement, and assess the quality and effectiveness of their services through evaluation.

An example of this capacity building work can be found in this five-part e-learning curriculum on quality improvement for family planning providers.

JSI has also developed the Family Planning Performance Dashboard, a tool for family planning agencies to calculate and compare data on key clinical performance measures over time, as well as videos that highlight best practices. The dashboard was created in partnership with bocoup agency, see their case study highlighting this part of our project. Also, you can watch Prioritizing the Patient Experience Strategies for Family Planning and The Family Planning Patient Experience Skills to Improve Every Visit.

JSI also implements the Title X National Training Center on Management and Systems Improvement for the Office of Population Affairs. The two training centers are part of OPA's national training centers program. Through implementation of two of the training centers, JSI brings a cost-effective and coordinated approach on two critical issues--quality and sustainability--that meets the needs of OPA, 94 Title X grantees, and their networks that serve more than 4.1 million family planning clients.


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