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Washington DC Health Systems Plan launched

October 3, 2017

JSI is pleased to have worked with the District of Columbia Department of Health on the District’s Health Systems Plan (HSP). The HSP is designed to strengthen the health and health care systems in the District. The primary purpose of the HSP is to serve as a roadmap for the development of a comprehensive, accessible, equitable health care system capable of providing the highest quality services in a cost-effective manner to those who live and work in D.C.

Aligned with the Department’s five strategic priorities, the guide is informed by a comprehensive needs assessment conducted by JSI that clarifies community need, barriers to care, unmet service need, provider capacity, and service gaps across all health service categories. As part of this work, JSI also conducted a comprehensive primary care needs assessment (PCNA) that identified the leading barriers to primary care access and assessed the extent to which there were gaps in primary care capacity in the District. The PCNA is currently being finalized but will be included as a critical addendum to the HSP.

The HSP was launched by Mayor Muriel on September 19th. Watch the video of the plan release event here.

Read the Washington Post's article, Poor, sick and still traveling long distances for health care in D.C., on the HSP.