New Digital Health Leadership in Ethiopia

March 11th, 2024 | news


In a move to revolutionize and strengthen Ethiopia’s health system and secure universal health care coverage for its citizens, the Ministry of Health is prioritizing the digital age. Leading the charge is the USAID-funded Digital Health Activity (DHA), led by JSI, which has welcomed a new digital leader chosen by USAID, Naod Wendrad, whose impressive 15-year tenure in Ethiopia’s national health sector is set to bring a wealth of innovation and expertise.

Naod, a visionary in health information systems, has been at the forefront of Ethiopia’s digital health transformation. While with the Ministry of Health, his collaboration with DHA has seen him drive major advancements in health policy, digital infrastructure, and data management, making health care more accessible and efficient across Ethiopia.

“I am honored to take on this role and excited to work with all DHA teams, whose hard work is a direct reflection of how much this project has already accomplished,” says Naod.

From electronic medical records that streamline patient care to advanced logistics systems that optimize the health supply chain, these innovations are not just about technology – they are about making health care more accessible to clients and reducing the time and cost barriers for every Ethiopian.

Naod’s vision is clear: “My aim is to lead this activity to ensure that whatever we do, we are guided by our responsibility to our clients, which includes all levels of Ethiopia’s health sector.”

As he steps into this new leadership role, the DHA team is energized by his comprehensive and forward-driven approach and his commitment to spearhead health initiatives that promise better health outcomes for all Ethiopians.

For more information about the work of DHA and the outcomes of digitizing Ethiopia’s health sector, read the activity’s latest annual report.

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