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Being Prepared for Climate Change in Somerville, MA

October 3, 2017

The ability of communities across the world to meet the challenges of a changing climate is strengthened by prevention activities (mitigation) and public health planning for preparedness and response. Community ability to withstand and recover from climate-related events depend on proactive measures to ensure healthy environments, effective systems, and policies that promote equity and wellness.

JSI is working with the city of Somerville in Massachusetts to prepare and adapt to climate change as part of Climate Forward Somerville.

Somerville has laid out ambitious and visionary goals, which they define as:
  • Thriving – Somerville is an exceptional place to live, work, play, and raise a family.
  • Equitable – The benefits and opportunities created by climate action are fairly distributed to all and resources are prioritized to alleviate the unequal burdens of climate change impacts.
  • Carbon neutral – Somerville will have a net-zero release of greenhouse gases within Somerville’s borders. Any emissions that cannot be fully eliminated will be offset.
  • Resilient – Somerville will adapt to be prepared for the chronic and acute impacts of climate change.

JSI’s tasks include supporting integration of social equity, health, and wellbeing into climate adaptation goals and informing stakeholders of environmental health and public health best practices for review and incorporation into the climate adaptation action plan.

JSI’s work with climate change goes beyond Somerville. Check out Cambridge Climate Change Public Health Preparedness and Resiliency Plan to learn what JSI has been doing to assist the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts; in Cape Cod to promote cultural resiliency among key populations, and for the Vermont Climate Change Adaptation Program Evaluation.

Our related areas of Emergency Preparedness and Response strengthen community and health system readiness to address all hazards, ranging from disease outbreaks to natural disasters.

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