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Scaling up Kangaroo Mother Care Saves Newborn Lives

December 6, 2017

JSI India has published a new series of case studies on the Healthy Newborn Network website that review the experience of implementing new operational guidelines for kangaroo mother care (KMC).

Every year, more than 20 million infants are born weighing less than 2.5 kg — over 96% of them in developing countries. These low birth weight infants are at an increased risk of early growth retardation, infectious disease, developmental delay, and death during infancy and childhood. The Government of India endorsed KMC as a life-saving intervention for all stable newborns with a birthweight below 2000g, and has issued operational guidelines on its use in health facilities in 2014. The guidelines recommend KMC units located in or as close possible to a sick newborn care unit, neonatal stabilization units, or postnatal wards. The government further recommended that the KMC units be staffed with trained and willing service providers at all days and hours.

Through the USAID-supported Vriddhi project, JSI India, in partnership with IPE Global and the Government of India, has piloted KMC programs in two high-load Sick Newborn Care Units (SNCUs) and used lessons learned from these pilots to develop a strategic roadmap to roll out KMC at all high-load newborn care facilities across India.

Download JSI India's case studies on kangaroo mother care to learn more about our work: