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Join JSI at the 15th TechNet Conference

October 10, 2017

The 15th TechNet Conference will be held in Cascais, Portugal, October 16–20. The conference convenes a global network of immunization professionals to discuss developments in immunization practices and policies, exchange field experiences, and identify areas that require further investigation.

JSI is working around the globe to increase data visibility through better information systems, improve data use for decision making, optimize the supply chain design, equip partners with knowledge about what works and how to adapt best practices from other settings and the commercial sector to fit their contexts, and build capacity to strengthen routine immunization programs and systems. Please join us at the sessions below and follow @JSIhealth on Twitter for the latest from the conference.

JSI Presentations

Monday October 16th – Setting the Stage

Plenary session:* The need for a next-generation of immunization supply chains to achieve goals
PresentersOusmane Dia, Chris Wright, and Alan Brooks 
Time: 3:30 PM

Tuesday October 17th – Challenges, Successes, and Lessons

Interactive session: Design the future of your vaccine product choices: how can we weigh the trade-offs to make informed decisions?
Presenters: Wendy Prosser, Patrick Lydon, Kirstin Krudwig, and Guissimon Phiri
Time: 2–3:30 PM

Interactive session: Uncovering efficiencies in the supply chain by sharing resources
Facilitator: Marasi Mwencha
Time: 2–3:30 PM 

Project gallery: Implementation of home-based record redesign
Presenters: Lora Shimp and Kirstin Krudwig 
Time: 5:15–5:30 PM

Project gallery: Dose Per Container Partnership: insights from preliminary research
Presenters: Diane Masket, Kirstin Krudwig, and Wendy Prosser
Time: 5:30–5:45 PM

Project gallery: Logistics Management Information Systems - Pillar of Supply Chain Integration

Wednesday October 18th - Innovative Solutions and Approaches to Address Challenges

Project gallery: Kenya visibility and analytics network for vaccines
Presenter: Yasmin Chandani
Time: 5:15–5:30 PM

Project gallery: Pakistan quality improvement teams for improving immunization supply chains
Presenter: Chris Wright
Time: 5:15–5:30 PM

Thursday October 19th - Getting Practical on How to Implement Solutions

Interactive session: Data visibility and use in practice: the what and how
Moderators: Yasmin Chandani, Alice Muga, Francis Michael Ibama, and Abdissa Mengesha 
Time: 11 AM–12:30 PM

Interactive session: You’ve got data... now what?
Presenter: Chris Wright 
Time: 2–3:30 PM

Interactive session: Find the right tool for system design
Moderators: Wendy Prosser, Mercy Mvundura, Paul Colrain, Matt Morio, Leila Haidari, Sidharth Rupani, and Michael Krautman
Time: 2–3:30 PM

Plenary session:* Gaming App – How to improve your supply chain management skills
Presenter: Yasmin Chandani
Time: 4–5 PM

Innovations Café: mBrana – mobile-based application for LMIS
Presenter: Al Shiferaw
Time: 5:30–6:30 PM

Friday October 20th – Building a Future Coalition for Collaborative Action

Interactive session: The need for a next-generation of immunization supply chains to achieve goals
Presenters: Wendy Prosser, Olivier Defawe, Mercy Mvundura, and Ryan McWhorter 
Time: 9:30–10:30 AM

*Plenary sessions will be live streamed here.