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Lora Shimp discusses childhood immunization on CSIS podcast

September 6, 2017

Lora Shimp, JSI senior immunization technical expert and specialist in communication and behavior change, was interviewed recently on the Center for Strategic and International Studies podcast Take as Directed, What Are The Barriers to Reaching Children With Immunizations?

Shimp joined host Nellie Bristol, senior fellow Global Health Policy Center, and guest Dr. Jon Kim Andrus, adjunct professor and senior investigator in the Division of Vaccines and Immunization at the University of Colorado, on the program.

Quoting recent World Health Organization and UNICEF data, Bristol began the discussion asking why 1 in 10 infants worldwide did not receive any vaccines in 2016. Shimp noted that immunization is a mature public health program and agreed with Bristol on vaccines being one of the most effective and cost effective public health tools. The discussion shifted to reflect on what is being done to improve immunization systems, and why vaccinating children has been so difficult in some areas.

Shimp discussed the benefits of using data in-country, specifying urban and sub-national data. Vaccines continue to reach 85% of the infant population, but the goal is always 100 percent. This means reaching more children each year—and ensuring that every child born is reached. Shimp also discussed her immunization work in Madagascar, polio in India, and the avoidable reemergence of measles.