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Send JSI back to SXSW!

August 9, 2017

A health worker uses a tablet to verify beneficiaries in Liberia. Photo credit: Leona Rosenblum/JSI

JSI is in the running again for two proposed panel sessions in the SXSW 2018 Conference and we need your vote! Help us spread the word about how technology can empower health workers and the power of data-drive storytelling for development. To vote, simply click on the below links, follow the instructions to create your account and “vote up” our panels. PanelPicker voting is open until August 25, 2017 so please support us and spread the word!

  • Technology Empowers Frontline Health Workers: This JSI hosted panel will discuss how can technology enable health workers in isolated, resource poor settings provide quality health care? How does careful design and use of technology lead to transformative change in health worker performance, motivation, and job satisfaction? Click here to vote