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JSI to Improve Health Care Delivery Systems in Vermont

October 13, 2016

JSI is evaluating the impact of the Vermont Health Care Innovation Model Project (VHCIP) activities to enhance the project’s effectiveness in the state and create a rubric for other state health agencies to emulate. The focus of the project is to enhance care coordination, expand health care data use and data infrastructure, and implement payment reform initiatives. The overarching goal of these activities is to improve the effectiveness of Vermont’s health care systems to meet the needs of a transforming health care environment.

The VHCIP was implemented after Vermont received a State Innovation Model (SIM) cooperative agreement from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to design and test state-based multi-payer health care delivery and payment systems.

JSI will conduct an environmental scan, site visits, focus groups, and a provider and a care coordinator survey to test the efficacy of Vermont’s SIM activities. JSI will then provide feedback and recommendations to VHCIP stakeholders for continuous improvement of the multi-payer model and a vehicle for its innovation and sustainability post-SIM funding.

JSI will analyze and extract best practices from the VHCIP’s existing approaches and draft flexible and progressive recommendations to build an infrastructure that supports ongoing transformation in health care and health care systems.

JSI has had a longstanding history of helping Vermont’s stakeholders in mitigate their most pressing public health issues. JSI has built an intricate understanding of the interplay between Vermont’s health care system, public health infrastructure, and the beneficiary communities, a keystone to the project success.

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