Restoring Information System Functionality in War-Affected Health Institutions

October 26th, 2022 | News


The war that broke out in November 2020 in northern Ethiopia had drastic consequences to health service delivery in Amhara, Afar, and Tigray Regions. Significant damage to health institutions initiated an indefinite suspension of services. In response to the Government of Ethiopia’s call to rebuild health information systems infrastructure, the Ethiopia Data Use Partnership (DUP), implemented by Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health (MOH) and JSI and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, donated equipment worth more than four million Birr to Afar and Amhara regions in July 2022.

On October 11, DUP launched a 30-million-Birr initiative to support the restoration of health information systems in war-affected facilities in Amhara Region. The launch ceremony was held in Bahir Dar, the capital city of Amhara, and attended by representatives from the MOH, DUP, the regional health bureau, President’s Office of the Amhara Region, and eight zonal health departments.

“DUP’s effort is primarily to help restore the health information system in facilities affected by the conflict. As DUP, we are committed to ensuring data quality and use for health outcome improvement,” said Wubshet Denboba, DUP project director.

Wubshet Denboba speaking at the launch ceremony.
Wubshet Denboba speaking at the launch ceremony. Photo: Benti Ejeta/DUP

DUP’s new six-month initiative will focus on fixing damaged and replacing nonfunctioning health data management systems, in 27 hospitals, 264 health centers, 52 woreda health offices, and eight zonal health departments. In addition, DUP will provide tailored and need-based training and mentorship, and conduct regular performance monitoring team meetings to enhance data quality assurance and use practices skills.

By reinstating functioning routine health data management systems, DUP will improve patient data recording and enhance report completeness and timeliness, thereby contributing to the overall health improvement of the society.

A group of professional men lined up to pose for a photo
Launch ceremony participants. Photo: Benti Ejeta/DUP

Abdulkarim Mengistu, deputy head of the Amhara Regional Health Bureau and launch attendee, remarked, “The Data Use Partnership has been one of a few reliable partners in supporting health information system implementation in our region. Amhara Regional Health Bureau is very grateful to JSI-DUP for all the supports.”

By Benti Ejeta 

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