New Resource: Contraceptive Method Introduction to Expand Choice

April 6th, 2022 | news


We are excited to have been part of developing the newest strategic planning guide from High Impact Practices! This guide will help program managers, planners, national policy makers, and other interested parties coordinate the introduction of contraceptive methods through public and private access channels. Developed in consultation with technical experts including JSI’s Carmit Keddem, the guide explains the seven elements of successful contraceptive introduction efforts. It also summarizes guidance from and provides links to other key resources for method introduction.

The Contraceptive Method Introduction to Expand Choice: A Strategic Planning Guide was originally drafted by Devon Cain, Jully Chilambwe, Jennifer Drake, Ashley Jackson, Carmit Keddem, Allen Namagembe, Kate Rademacher, and Saumya Ramarao.

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