New MOMENTUM Blog on Recognizing and Reducing Gender-related Barriers to Immunization

July 30th, 2021 | News


“Immunization programs have long overlooked gender-related barriers to immunization,” writes Rebecca Fields in her latest blog for USAID’s MOMENTUM Routine Immunization Transformation and Equity project. Gender-related barriers that affect women, such as physical, financial, and cultural barriers, and time constraints that affect access to health services, can affect vaccination of all children. The COVID-19 pandemic has also exacerbated existing gender inequities and increased barriers to the access and use of vaccination services. 

The global immunization community has greatly increased its attention to gender over the past 15 months. This increased attention is reflected in global strategies, such as Immunization Agenda 2030 and Gavi’s gender policy, that call for tailored solutions to identify and overcome gender-related obstacles to immunization service access. MOMENTUM Routine Immunization Transformation and Equity, led by JSI, and other MOMENTUM awards, such as MOMENTUM Integrated Health Resilience, are bringing their commitment, creativity, and expertise to reduce gender-related barriers to immunization.  

Read the blog.

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