Margaret Franckhauser, Director of Aging Services, Takes A Leadership Role in New Hampshire’s Aging Agenda

December 19th, 2023 | news


New Hampshire Governor Christopher T. Sununu appointed Margaret Franckhauser, an esteemed figure in the field of aging, to the New Hampshire Commission on Aging. This appointment, made in November, brings Ms. Franckhauser’s wealth of expertise and insight to the forefront of the state’s aging initiatives.

Ms. Franckhauser, MS, MPH, and RN, leads Aging Services at JSI/NH Community Health Institute. Her unwavering commitment to enhancing the health, functionality, and social connectivity of older adults has resonated not only in New Hampshire but throughout the nation. Ms. Franckhauser will use her expertise to inform policies that will shape the future of aging in the state. Her appointment allows JSI to gain valuable insights into and help resolve urgent aging-related challenges, from economic disparities to social isolation and the surging demand for and cost of health and eldercare.

The New Hampshire Commission on Aging was established in 2019 to advise the governor and the NH general court on age-related matters. Its visionary goal is to foster an age-integrated New Hampshire through progressive public policy and initiatives, ensuring that citizens not only survive but thrive as they age. Ms. Franckhauser’s appointment reflects this vision, heralding an era of innovative solutions and inclusive policies for the state’s aging population.

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