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Interdisciplinary Care to Meet the Health Needs of Older People

JSI provides better health services for older adults in the US.As people age, their health care needs change. In order to have an inclusive community, it is imperative to build and support healthy aging systems that can better respond to the shifting needs of the population and improve the health outcomes of older people.

We work closely with government agencies and health care providers in their efforts to address the needs of older Americans, support healthy aging, and build vibrant, healthier communities. We take an interdisciplinary, multi-faceted approach that encompasses research, training, technical assistance, and consumer education.

We work in collaboration with community-based organizations on a number of projects to expand services and enhance their quality. We have aided in developing initiatives that promote healthy aging by means of exercise, nutrition, injury prevention and early intervention to mitigate chronic disease. We also have extensive experience in conducting comprehensive research studies on the physical and mental health needs of older adults. And, we have been integral in building service models that integrate specialty and primary care services to improve the patient experience.


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