Tabeth Jiri

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Epidemiologist/Senior Consultant, U.S.

Boston, MA

In Tabeth Jiri's more than 10 years as an epidemiologist and researcher in state and local health agencies and academic institutions, she has made significant contributions to promoting the use of data and evidence-based strategies to drive public health policy and decisions, promote public health response and disease management, and define and mitigate disparities in chronic and infectious diseases, mental health, and substance use. Tabeth has directed a data collection project for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Marijuana Baseline Health Study, and is part of the evaluation team for the Integrated HIV/AIDS Planning Technical Assistance Center. Tabath has a BSc in nutritional science from the University of Zimbabwe, and a DrPH degree in epidemiology from Jackson State University, Jackson MS. She is also a McGill University clinical epidemiology postdoctoral fellow and a Harvard University- GCSRT scholar.

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