Evaluation of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Eligibility Determination Policies and Procedures





United States

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Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) eligibility determination policies and procedures impact access to HIV care, treatment, and supportive services, health outcomes, and administrative demands. JSI is conducting an evaluation of these policies and procedures, specifically focusing on rapid eligibility determination and six-month recertification. We will assess the impact on ensuring that RWHAP is the payor of last resort; access to services for people living with HIV and eligible for RWHAP services; health outcomes of people receiving RWHAP services; and burden on recipients, subrecipients, providers, and clients.

The evaluation will gather information necessary to reassess eligibility determination policies and procedures and develop related training and technical assistance for RWHAP-funded recipients. We will conduct the evaluation by examining existing policies and procedures of RWHAP recipients funded through various parts of the program (Part A, Part B, Part B ADAP, Part C, and Part D), convening three expert panel meetings with representatives from each of these program Parts, and conducting follow-up interviews with select recipients. Findings from the evaluation will be documented in a white paper prepared for HRSA HAB.

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