Working to Make Immunization an Integral Part of Broader Health Systems: 17th TechNet Conference

October 12th, 2023 | Event


JSI collaborates with governments and local providers around the world to ensure the delivery of high-quality immunization programs. In pursuit of the Immunization Agenda 2030, JSI works to make immunization an integral part of broader health systems to expand reach and maximize use of resources.

At the 17th TechNet conference in Panama City, immunization and health logistics experts from JSI will lead and participate in discussions on immunization practice and policy developments to ensure that immunization programs leave no one behind. The conference agenda will touch on the four Core Principles of the Immunization Agenda 2030—people-centered, country-owned, partnership-based, and data-guided—and focus on immunization supply chains and service delivery. JSI experts will address these principles during presentations on:

  • Identifying and reaching zero-dose populations.
  • Reaching vulnerable/remote populations by applying lessons from COVID-19 to routine immunization.
  • Using community health workers and person-centered care to increase vaccine coverage and equity.
  • Promoting equity through supply chain design.
  • Cold chain solutions including temperature monitoring, data use, and maintenance.
  • Vaccine delivery considerations including syringes, devices, and packaging.
  • Forecasting and demand.
  • Advances in vaccine barcoding.
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