Our Commitment to Eliminating Cervical Cancer

May 24th, 2023 | News


Global leaders gather at the 76th World Health Assembly in Geneva this May to chart priorities and assess progress on cervical cancer prevention.

As part of the increased global focus on cervical cancer, a group of physicians, nurses, health professionals, community health workers, and public health experts organized the 2023 Global Declaration to Eliminate Cervical Cancer in support of WHO’s Global Strategy to accelerate the elimination of cervical cancer. Margaret Crotty, our president and CEO, officially joined other global health leaders by signing onto the declaration.

Additionally, JSI joined other global partners in signing a statement to raise awareness about the potential benefits of a single-dose human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine schedule. In December 2022, WHO recommended a single-dose schedule for the primary target age group (9–14 year-olds). Read the single-dose HPV Vaccination Statement.

Since 2013, JSI, with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance funding, has provided technical assistance to eight countries introducing the HPV vaccine. Efforts focused on reaching pre-adolescent and adolescent girls before they were at risk of exposure.

In September 2022, JSI launched the HPV Vaccine Acceleration Program Partners Initiative Consortium to increase and sustain equity, program quality, and accelerate coverage of HPV vaccination. The consortium, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, strives to contribute to the Gavi goal of vaccinating 86 million girls and adolescents by 2025 and the global goal of 90% HPV vaccination coverage by 2030.

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