JSI Receives Award to Continue Strengthening Primary Health Care in Ethiopia

November 27th, 2023 | news


JSI and a consortium of partners was recently awarded another investment to support Ethiopia’s primary health care system and deliver high-quality reproductive, maternal, newborn, child health, and nutrition (RMNCHN) services. The four-year Strengthening Service Delivery Project will begin at the end of 2023 with the generous support of the Gates Foundation.

Over the past 30 years, Ethiopia’s substantial investments in its primary health care system have increased access to health services and improved people’s health status. However, maintaining and building upon the primary health system with integrated and streamlined services remains a challenge.

The Strengthening Service Delivery Project will build upon and leverage previous and current Gates Foundation and other investments to improve the quality of last-mile, supply-side integrated health services that women, newborns, children, and youth need.

JSI, with partners EngenderHealth, Ethiopian Midwives Association, Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia, inSupply Health, ThinkPlace, local universities, and development associations, will strengthen infrastructure through locally led technical assistance. Together, we’ll expand infrastructure improvements to provide higher quality RMNCHN services. Our work will also focus on improving last-mile supply delivery and reducing commodity management gaps.

We will co-create integrated approaches to support national efforts in human resources for health and last-mile supply chain to accelerate effective health care practices. In all, this opportunity will result in higher quality primary health service delivery and improved RMNCHN outcomes.

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