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Zambia Provincial and District AIDS Task Force Performance Assessment and Certification Guidelines


These guidelines provide information on how to conduct assessments of Provincial AIDS Task Forces (PATFs) and District AIDS Task Forces (DATF) using the Provincial AIDS Task Force and District AIDS Task Force Performance Assessment and Certification Standards. They include information on assessment processes, standard evaluation, and scoring. The guidelines and standards are intended to be used either by assessors. Assessors may be advisors from National HIV/AIDS/STI/TB Council (NAC), PATFs, a support agency, or external assessors who have been trained to conduct certification assessments.

The standards and assessment processes were developed, tested, and implemented by NAC and USAID-funded Support to the HIV/AIDS Response Project II (SHARe II) from 2011 through 2014. They were developed following the creation of the DATF management guidelines in 2011, which were later compiled into the District Coordination Toolkit (2012). SHARe II worked with NAC to develop the District Coordination Toolkit to provide DATFs with clear guidance on their roles, responsibilities, and key operational procedures. To reinforce the guidelines and enable NAC to measure compliance with them, NAC and SHARe II developed the Performance Assessment and Certification Standards. Inititiatves, Inc. / JSI, SHARE II Project. 2015.

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