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Zambia District AIDS Task Force Performance Assessment and Certification Standards Tool


The District AIDS Task Forces (DATFs) are in an important position as both a NAC coordinating structure and a DDCC subcommittee. the DATF’s role is to advocate for and coordinate the decentralized HIV and AIDS response into their local authority core mandates. All local authorities in Zambia create district development plans which feed into the national development plan. This provides DATFs with an opportunity to integrate HIV and AIDS programs and services into the plans.

The DATF performance assessment standards described in this document articulate DATFs’ management and coordination functions. The standards were designed to help NAC, PATFs, and the DATFs themselves, assess actual performance against standards, identify performance gaps, and target efforts to address gaps and strengthen performance. This best practice benchmarking approach can also can also be used as the basis for a certification process that would enable NAC to identify and recognize high-performing DATFs.

Read the Zambia Provincial and District AIDS Task Force Performance Assessment and Certification Guidelines for more information. Inititaives, Inc. and JSI/SHARE II Project. 2015.


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