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USAID Deliver Project | Task Order 5 Completion Report February 2017


This report describes the activities and achievements of the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, Task Order 5, which ran from September 2010 to February 2017. The objective of the task order was to improve the provision of condoms, contraceptives, and other essential public health supplies to USAID-supported programs by achieving a targeted Delivery-to-Promise goal of 95 percent.

Through the project, JSI procured U.S.$5221 million worth of contraceptives and condoms and $55 million worth of maternal and child health commodities and essential medicines; the task order delivered $612 million worth of contraceptives and condoms to 61 countries.

The success of the task order was achieved by focusing on four core strategies:

1. Customer service with a relentless focus on service to the field as measured by the monthly Delivery-to-Promise indicator and service to the Commodities Security and Logistics Division, as measured by customer satisfaction scores in the monthly performance monitoring plan.
2. Supply chain integration by connecting the task order’s own functions, building connections and communication upstream with suppliers and other key market players, building downstream connections and communications with USAID Missions and in-country programs, and making information on supply and demand available to all parties in the extended supply chain.
3. Risk management by routinely identifying the biggest risks to achieving the task order’s goal, developing strategies to mitigate those risks, and routinely monitoring performance to assess if those strategies were successful.
4. Continuous improvement by routinely reviewing key performance indicators to identify areas of strength and areas for improvement, as well as a regular review of the task order’s procurement, inventory, freight, and management information system strategies to ensure the task order was delivering best value.

Because of the task order’s efforts, millions of men and women had access to contraceptives, condoms, and other lifesaving medicines and medical supplies, improving the health and well being of families and communities around the world. JSI / USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, 2017.

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