USAID | DELIVER PROJECT: Procurement and Distribution of Essential Public Health Supplies






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A strong health system cannot function without a well-designed, well-operated, and well-maintained supply chain management system – one that can ensure an adequate supply of essential health commodities to the clients who need them.

The USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, Procurement and Distribution of Essential Public Health Supplies, worked with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to procure and deliver health supplies to USAID-supported programs worldwide. These supplies included condoms, contraceptives and reproductive health supplies, laboratory equipment and supplies, essential medicines, and special equipment, such as ambulances, ambulance boats, incubators, x-ray machines, and more.

JSI provided procurement, supply operations, management information systems, and short-term technical assistance services under the project. Working with suppliers, freight forwarders, USAID Missions, and global and national stakeholders, the project built and operated an agile and cost-effective global supply chain, reducing the cost of products and freight, removing obstacles to timely delivery of products, and strengthening the interconnections with in-country supply chains. For condoms and contraceptives, the project improved on-time delivery from 73 percent to 95 percent. These improvements contributed to increased product availability, improving health outcomes across the world.

Working with suppliers, the project negotiated price reductions for commodities, representing a cost reduction of $17 million over 6 years. Price reductions included lowering the price of female condoms by 10 percent, contraceptive injectables by 18 percent, intrauterine devices by 50 percent, and oral contraceptives by 7 percent.

JSI's partners for this task order included 3i Infotech, Inc.; Crown Agents USA, Inc.; FHI 360; Logenix International, LLC; PATH; Imperial Health Sciences; The Manoff Group, Inc.; and UPS Supply Chain Solutions.


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