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Synthesis of Immunization Service Experience Interventions and Monitoring and Measurement Approaches for Zero-dose and Under-immunized Children

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This document provides an overview of the background, findings, and recommendations related to Immunization Service Experience (SE), particularly for zero-dose and under-immunized children in low-and-middle-income countries (LMIC). A literature review was conducted to identify SE-focused interventions and measurement tools.

The findings highlight various interventions that improve service experience, such as communication campaigns, community engagement, digital information systems, and pro-equity strategies. The literature also presents different tools and indicators for measuring service experience, including behavioral and social drivers, health facility assessment tools, and participatory assessments. However, there is a need for greater diversity in measuring and reporting SE beyond immunization coverage, scaling interventions, and incorporating SE measures into routine monitoring and quality improvement methods. Standardized and validated SE indicators are recommended for formalization to enhance evidence gathering in this field.

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