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Strengthening the Capacity of Civil Society Organizations


USAID’s Community Health and Social Welfare Systems Strengthening Program (CHSSP) strengthened 49 civil society organizations (CSOs) that work with populations affected by HIV to have the depth in leadership and organizational capacity to build and support strong, sustainable health and social welfare systems. Strong health and social welfare systems have the ability to reach individuals at the community level. High-capacity CSOs that are fully integrated into the health and social welfare systems enable technical excellence to thrive, healthy relationships with government and community stakeholders to flourish, and HIV response programs to be more effective. CSOs that can successfully mobilize resources can function in the absence of international implementing partners, supporting USAID’s “Journey to Self-reliance” and PEPFAR initiatives to fund local partners.

CHSSP built the capacity of 49 CSOs to develop excellent leadership and strong systems so that they can provide PLHIV, adolescent girls and young women, and more than 700,000 MVC and their caregivers with the highest quality service. JSI. 2020. 

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