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STAR-EC Technical Brief: Improving Supply Chain Management for HIV in East Central Uganda


For HIV interventions to be maximally effective, having the right medicines and other health supplies at the right place at the right time and in the right quantity is crucial. A well-functioning supply chain management system is key to successful HIV service provision. In East Central Uganda, at the start of the STAR-EC project, evidence showed that health facilities in the nine districts of the Busoga sub-region had a number of logistics-related challenges that required urgent attention. Stockouts were persistent and the paper-based logistics management information system (LMIS) needed improvement. In addition, there was no systematic logistics support supervision mechanism between the health facility, district, and national warehouses. The necessary LMIS tools were often not available and health workers were not well-trained to effectively handle\ medical logistics both at the District Health Office (DHO) and the health facility level.

STAR-EC built the capacity of personnel working at the district and facility levels in the use of the logistics management information system, helping to ensure a steady supply of HIV-related commodities, including HIV testing kits, antiretroviral drugs, supplies for the provision of voluntary medical male circumcision, and condoms were available at all health service delivery points throughout the region. STAR-EC, JSI, 2016

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