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Leadership, governance and management for improving district capacity and performance: the case of USAID Transform: Primary Health Care

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Primary health care (PHC) in Ethiopia serves as the main entry point for preventive, promotive, and curative health services. The district health office is responsible for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of all district health activities. In addition, district health offices manage service delivery facilities working on the provision of PHC – primary hospitals, health centers, and health posts. As the leader of the health care system tier, district health management must ensure direction, alignment, and commitment within teams and organizations and make sure that achievements are consistent with the vision, values, and strategy of the organization. USAID Transform: Primary Health Care provides diverse support to improve district health manager competencies including in-service trainings followed by planning and implementation of performance improvement projects and on-the-job mentoring and support.

Authors: Binyam Fekadu Desta, Azeb Abitew, Ismael Ali Beshir, Mesele Damte Argaw and Sualiha Abdlkader 

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