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Indore: Developing Health Promoting Schools


Schools are an important starting point for mitigating public health challenges. Recognizing the importance of school-based interventions, Building Healthy Cities (BHC) implemented a comprehensive Health Promoting Schools (HPS) program in Indore, India to support student physical, social, emotional, mental, and educational growth.

The World Health Organization defines HPS as schools that constantly strengthen their capacity as a healthy setting for living, learning, and working. BHC’s HPS program was implemented from 2019 to 2021 in 148 government middle, high, and higher secondary schools in Indore City. BHC partnered with Madhya Pradesh Voluntary Health Association, a leading Indian nongovernmental organization working in community and school health programs across the country, Indore Smart City Development Limited, and Indore Department of Education.

This report summarizes the HPS program approach and achievements.

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