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The USAID-funded Building Healthy Cities (BHC) project is refocusing city policies, planning, and services with a multi-sectoral health equity lens while improving data-driven decision-making for Smart Cities in Indore, India, Makassar, Indonesia, Kathmandu, Nepal, and Da Nang, Vietnam. 

Planning for a Smart City is intrinsically linked to health: transportation, the environment, sanitation, education, recreation, technology, and the built environment all influence the health of an urban population. BHC is employing a participatory systems mapping approach to clearly articulate these linkages in each context, engage a wide range of stakeholders across sectors, and formulate a set of priority actions for each city. The goal is to increase equitable access to healthy lifestyles, improve access to health-related services, decrease environmental and lifestyle risk factors for chronic diseases, decrease the burden of infectious diseases, and enable wider use of data.

BHC works in partnership with Smart City initiatives and urban sector departments to build this new vision for healthy urban planning. In addition, BHC is engaging Smart City citizens of every demographic so that they have a voice (via citizen reporting systems and participatory research) and are empowered to advocate for the needs of their communities.

BHC is committed to documenting the processes, successes, and failures of the project to bolster global learning on urban health approaches. To further this goal, BHC is developing dynamic systems maps for each city, that help to document the context, leverage points, and actions taken during the course of the project. These maps are developed in concert with the Smart City mechanisms in each city, and use input from a wide range of stakeholders and citizen groups. 

To view the latest systems maps and learn more about BHC's work in each city, visit the project pages for Indore, Makassar, and Da Nang.

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BHC is a five-year cooperative agreement funded by the United States Agency for International Development under Agreement No. AID-OAA-A-17-00028, beginning September 30, 2017. BHC is implemented by JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. (JSI) with partners International Organization for Migration, Thrive Networks Global, and Urban Institute, and with support from Engaging Inquiry, LLC.


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