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Ethiopia’s Information Revolution: Five Year Progress Report


The Information Revolution (IR) led by Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health (MOH) was one of four key transformation agendas in the first Health Sector Transformation Plan (HSTP). The IR agenda was launched in response to increasing demands for health information and opportunities to leverage advancements in information and communications technology (ICT). To advance the IR objectives, the MOH developed a national IR Roadmap (2016-2020) identifying two pillars of focuswith actionable and measurable interventions: (1) enhance the culture of information use for decision making, and (2) implementation and scale-up of prioritized health information systems (HIS) and tools. The IR agenda continues to be a major priority in HSTP-2 to bring fundamental cultural changes and accelerate the process of data use within the health sector.

The work of the USAID Digital Health Activity, implemented by JSI, supports the implementation of the Information Revolution. 

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