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From 2014 to 2020, the Strengthening High Impact Interventions for an AIDS-free Generation (AIDSFree) Project successfully expanded HIV education, prevention, and treatment in 19 countries throughout Africa, including the Middle East/North Africa region, while also improving systems to support long-term, sustainable containment of the epidemic. 

AIDSFree strengthened implementation and filled gaps in service delivery in PEPFAR-supported countries 

  1. reaching women, girls, and children,
  2. engaging young men and boys, 
  3. implementing comprehensive services to reach the 95-95-95 targets, and 
  4. advancing HIV care and treatment. 

As the AIDSFree Project and website are retired and archived, many of AIDSFree’s important and innovative resources remain in high demand and are easily accessible on the JSI website.

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