Practical Guidance For Adapting Service Experience Tools And Resources In Regions And Countries



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Immunization services in low- and middle-income countries have historically focused on supply and delivery functions, including quantitative analyses to measure results and impact. There has been insufficient attention to the qualitative and socio-behavioral considerations that improve confidence, acceptance, use, and demand. The recent global focus on immunization inequity and the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the critical role that trust, demand, and quality play in encouraging vaccination uptake. Service experience is a framework that can help ensure that immunization programs are both valued by and can reach everyone.

In this project, JSI designed and launched an Immunization Service Experience Toolkit, a foundational tool to introduce and encourage action towards immunization SE. The toolkit will be socialized at the global and regional level for further adaptation into unique country contexts.

This work builds on the learning and initial scoping of the “Service Experience” (SE) workstream of the Vaccination Demand Hub, under the Demand Generation on Strategic Focal Area (SFA) funding support, and represents the continued collaborative effort between Gavi Core and Expanded technical partners across technical domains. In addition to the Toolkit, JSI continues to facilitate the SE workstream's work plan and foster membership to include various international organization partners, including representatives from civil society and medical associations. JSI has been further requested by the SE workstream partners to continue to serve in a technical convening role to help move these components of the joint workplan forward and build sustainability for the SE workstream.


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