Strengthening Service Experience to Improve Immunization Demand



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Immunization services are often focused on delivery functions, rather than the clients being served and the health workers who serve them. When coverage problems arise or continue, there is a tendency to default to demand issues or frame this as a drop-out or defaulter challenge, which can mask larger systemic issues or more complex acceptance and/or confidence concerns. Joint accountability is feasible, however, when services are people-centered, as shown by the Missed Opportunity for Vaccination Studies, Tailoring Immunization Programs (TIPs) work, WHO community engagement analyses, and country experiences in local stakeholder engagement.

This stimulates a mindset shift for immunization services (as part of the broader health system) to reframe on a people-focused perspective. This project is a collaborative effort between Gavi Core and Expanded technical partners across technical domains as part of the global Vaccination Demand Hub and will contribute towards Gavi's goals of improved coverage and equity via the demand generation technical area.

JSI will support the Country Programmes Team in gathering evidence across partners and countries to inform a new direction in client-centered immunization service provision. In particular, JSI will formulate best practices to shape the immunization system—within the broader health system—to focus on a positive experience, addressing policy, planning, training (pre-service and continuing), and supervision. This will include the identification of measures and metrics for service experience for immunization; an examination of how to re-institute an emphasis on care in immunization services; and recommendations for how the people-centered service experience for immunization can be integrated more sustainably into HSIS.


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