Niger Improvements to the Health Information System (Systeme National d’Information Sanitaire – SNIS)






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Beginning in 2009, John Snow, Inc. was contracted through the Ministry of Health in Niger to provide technical assistance and systems strengthening to improve the National Health Information System of Niger. JSI led the work on the Health Information System in Niger in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

The project took place in two phases. The first included the study of different data collection forms, implementation of the applications, training of regional trainers to use the programs, evaluation of the use of data, and defining the specifications for producing outputs for the system.

This first phase led into the second which included finalizing the production of statistics and reports from the HIS, preparation of data, continued training on data utilization for decision making, amending and testing the tools developed and the training of three HMIS officers in the maintenance and management of the HMIS program. The project ultimately helped establish two functional database systems, one for the Health Management Information System and one for the hospitals.

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