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The ELMA Vaccines and Immunization Foundation engaged JSI to provide COVID-19 vaccine technical assistance to Ministries of Health in Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania at national and subnational levels. In Kenya and Tanzania, JSI partnered with its local affiliate inSupply Health. The grant enabled JSI to improve the capacity of health workers in delivering COVID-19 vaccines, improved data quality management, increased vaccine demand in communities, and supported monitoring of vaccine delivery in districts and health facilities.

Activities were implemented in Nairobi and Mombasa Counties due to their high infection rates of COVID-19 at 2,316 and 1,290 per 100,000 population respectively as compared to 536/100,000 for the whole country. Kenya achieved the following objectives;

  • Increased the number of healthcare workers equipped with skills to deliver COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Increased access to COVID-19 vaccines through outreaches in Nairobi and Mombasa County.
  • Collaborated with the Ministry of Health and stakeholders to implement key supply chain indicators, analytics, and data use processes for COVID-19 data monitoring at sub-county and country level.
  • Tracked and reduced COVID-19 wastage rates.
  • Facilitated learning forums among stakeholders to share experiences and lessons on COVID-19 vaccines and data use initiatives.

Activities were implemented in the districts of Zomba, Mangochi, Thyolo, Mzimba North, Salima, Machinga, and Mwanza. However, not all activities were implemented in all districts but were selected due to insufficient number of trained vaccinators in the district, coverage rates were below the national level, or poor data quality management. Malawi achieved the following objectives;

  • Improved timely and accurate reporting of COVID-19 vaccination data in districts.
  • Increased the knowledge of COVID-19 vaccinations in communities that ultimately increased demand for vaccinations in districts.
  • Improved capacity of vaccinators to deliver COVID-19 vaccinations.
  • Conducted supportive supervisions to districts and health facilities to monitor provision of COVID-19 vaccines in routine immunization and during campaigns.

Activities we implemented in the regions of Singida and Njombe in Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar, due to their low COVID-19 vaccination coverage. Tanzania achieved the following objectives;

  • Supported country COVID-19 vaccine efforts through outreach and campaigns and were able to achieve 100% coverage rate of the population of Tanzania.
  • Strengthened Electronic Immunization System by supporting regions/districts to report COVID-19 data as outlined in the National Deployment Vaccine Plan.
  • Trained healthcare workers and support staff to provide COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Supported MoH/PORALG priority activities that directly linked to improved vaccination or improved data management.

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