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JSI is a committed partner of the Government of Tanzania, working hand-in-hand to advance the country’s health and development agendas. Our efforts blend private-sector expertise and public health experience to support programs across health supply chain management, primary health care, global health security, digital health, immunization, maternal and child health, infectious and vector-borne diseases, and health systems strengthening.

Health Supply Chain Management

Strong supply chains save lives. JSI is committed to ensuring that people have on-demand access to high-quality affordable health supplies where, when, and how they want to receive them. In Tanzania, JSI leads initiatives to enhance health supply chain management. Notable achievements include warehouse optimization and standardization; warehouse in a box installation; Epicor ERP at Medical Stores Department implementation; deployment of remote temperature monitoring devices across Zanzibar and the mainland; proper vaccine storage; and warehouse management systems strengthening at central vaccine store to enhance vaccine distribution efficiency and minimize wastage.

Primary Health Care

From prevention and rehabilitative services to providing health education and promotion, primary health care addresses all general health issues of the individual, family, and community. JSI’s work in primary health care includes reinforcing immunization efforts and enhancing access to essential services. Through initiatives like GAVI Targeted Country Assistance, we supported the transition to a single-dose HPV vaccination strategy, expanding coverage and efficacy. We also strengthen the capacity of health care workers to deliver high-quality services to all Tanzanians.

Global Health Security

JSI supports disease surveillance and response mechanisms in alignment with global health security priorities. Our interventions aim to ensure timely detection, containment, and mitigation of infectious disease outbreaks and vector-borne illnesses, including malaria.

Digital Health

JSI is a pioneer in health information systems and logistics management technology. We facilitated the implementation of innovative tools like the Vaccine Information Management System in mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar, which streamlined data collection and reporting and decision-making processes.


At JSI, we help create and strengthen sustainable systems that enable people of all ages to be vaccinated by local providers. In Tanzania, we supported the introduction of cold chain remote temperature monitoring up to the health facility level; conducted HPV vaccination campaigns; and established robust monitoring and evaluation frameworks. Through our partnerships, we strive to achieve universal immunization coverage to safeguard the health of Tanzanian communities.

Maternal Health

JSI is committed to improving maternal health outcomes through focused interventions and capacity strengthening initiatives. Our work focuses on enhancing access to high-quality services, reducing maternal mortality rates, and promoting maternal well-being. In collaboration with local partners, we aim to ensure that every woman receives the care and support she deserves during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period.

HIV and Health Systems Strengthening

JSI has long helped strengthen health systems so they can respond to the HIV epidemic more effectively. Our approach encompasses capacity strengthening and exchange; policy development; and strategic planning to enhance HIV prevention, treatment, care, and support services. We integrate HIV services into existing health care frameworks and foster multi-sectoral collaboration to achieve epidemic control and better health outcomes for all.

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JSI has been working in Tanzania since 1980.



JSI has implemented more than 70 projects in Tanzania.


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