New Literature Review Studying Workforce Well-Being in Health Care Centers

December 4th, 2020 | News


JSI has conducted a comprehensive literature review summary as part of HRSA-funded Health Center Workforce Survey project, identifying the main measures and concepts of federally funded health care centers’ workforce well-being.

The overarching objective of this literature review was to support the identification and selection of measures of workforce well-being, concepts that influence it, and outcomes affected by staff levels of well-being.

Extensive research on these concepts and the relationships among them inside and outside the health care professions has been conducted. However, much of it has focused on clinical occupations in hospital settings. Relatively little has been conducted in the health center setting, and even less on non-clinical staff in health centers. Therefore, another key objective was to identify measures that would be appropriate to use within and for all occupations in a health center setting.

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