New Award Explores Potential of Barcode Technology to Improve Supply Chain Transparency and Accountability

December 2nd, 2022 | Press Release


In partnership with the Gavi Vaccine Alliance’s Market Shaping team, our new global award will assess the benefits, challenges, and feasibility of using barcode technology in low-and middle-income countries to improve supply chain transparency and accountability from the first to last mile.

“Barcode technology has the potential to be a game changer for public health supply chains, improving accountability and patient safety. We are excited to partner with Gavi to explore the full potential of this technology and share learnings with the global supply chain community.” Edward Wilson, Director, Center for Health Logistics, JSI.

As global supply chains for medical products become more fragmented, oversight and accountability become more complex and challenging, especially in low resourced environments such as low- and middle-income countries. Implementing traceability technologies such as barcoding can minimize some of these risks and strengthen transparency in supply chain operations.

JSI will accelerate Gavi’s The Vaccine Innovation Prioritisation Strategy (VIPS) by identifying the potential benefits of using barcodes on vaccines. Specifically, we will validate the identified use cases at country level and conduct feasibility and risk assessments to determine country readiness to adopt barcoding technologies on vaccines.

This activity builds on JSI’s more than 30 years of experience improving immunization coverage and strengthening supply chains. For more information about this work, please contact Omar Balsara.

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