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JSI has been working to strengthen health services and systems in Zambia since the mid-1980s. JSI is the Government of Zambia’s lead partner in strengthening supply chain systems for HIV-related health commodities. 

In 2019, JSI-led HIV projects in Zambia supported testing of over 1.5 million people for HIV and identified 95,000 people living with HIV. Through the support of JSI-managed projects in Zambia, over 300,000 people are receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART). For HIV prevention, JSI-led projects circumcised over 130,000 men and enrolled almost 15,000 individuals on PrEP.   

Currently, through the USAID DISCOVER-Health project, JSI partners with the government to ensure equitable access to high-quality services and products related to HIV, maternal, newborn, and child health, family planning, and reproductive health. The project is also supporting the government’s efforts to address COVID-19, including the national rollout and scale-up of vaccination, with a target of fully vaccinating 70% of eligible adults in supported districts. Additionally, the USAID SAFE: Supporting an AIDS-Free Era Program is also working with the government to reduce HIV mortality, morbidity, and transmission, while improving nutrition outcomes and family planning integration, in three provinces with the highest burdens of HIV. 

Zambia is also home to John Snow Health Zambia Ltd. (JSH), an indigenous company legally registered in Zambia and JSI affiliate. The mission of JSH is to improve the health of individuals and communities in Zambia through the provision of public health and consultation services and research. 

JSH runs the USAID Electronic Supply Chain Management Information System (eSCMIS) project, with JSI as a partner. eSCMIS is creating an efficient health supply chain using a next-generation logistics management information system to equip the Government to independently make data-driven supply chain decisions.

Zambia Placeholder

John Snow Health Zambia Ltd. (JSH) / USAID eSCMIS Project

Plot # 47K
Ibex Hill
K of sub Div 47/F377a
Lusaka, Zambia

Phone: 260.211.257782

Fax: 260.211.256468

John Snow Health Zambia Ltd. (JSH) / USAID ZAM-Health Activity

Plot 10565
Morse and Walpole House
Incito II
Office complex
Kabulonga Road
Lusaka, Zambia


Incito Office Complex
45/5/B Reedbuck Road
Lusaka, Zambia

Phone: 260.978.835497

Country Director

Muka Chikuba

USAID Supporting an AIDS-Free Era

45/5B Reedbuck Road
Lusaka, Zambia

Years of Experience

JSI has been working in Zambia since 1986.



JSI has implemented more than 60 projects in Zambia.


Staff Members

Currently, 1020 staff members work at JSI in Zambia.


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