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JSI began working in Madagascar in the late 1980s, partnering with USAID to increase access to family planning through the ENTERPRISE and SEATS projects. In the ensuing decades, JSI has built strong relationships with the people and leadership of Madagascar by scaling innovative programs that serve the community at the lowest level of the health system while enhancing the quality of government health services at all levels.

JSI currently implements large-scale initiatives related to community health and health system strengthening. With support from our partners, JSI-implemented programs are:

  • improving integrated maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health;
  • strengthening the “last kilometer” supply chain;
  • scaling-up innovations like chlorhexidine and misoprostol;
  • increasing access to long-acting reversible contraceptives;
  • providing emergency transportation;
  • enhancing the relationship between communities and the ecosystems they depend on;
  • and introducing new vaccines, including HPV.

JSI has partnered with the Ministry of Health, academic and training institutions, local NGOs, civil society organizations, private sector entities, and community leaders, leveraging global expertise in:

  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Epidemic mitigation and prevention
  • Family planning and reproductive health
  • Health supply chain management
  • Health system strengthening
  • HIV
  • Implementation research
  • Infectious disease
  • Maternal, newborn, and child health
  • Population, health, & environment
  • Routine immunization
  • WASH
  • Youth and adolescent health

Collectively, JSI’s work has significantly contributed to reduced newborn and child mortality, increased contraceptive prevalence, expanded utilization of innovative solutions, improved health systems, and strengthened community health. Additionally, JSI has impacted policy and national systems, including clinical protocols and policies; and commodity security.

To ensure the appropriate use and the implementation of health information systems (HIS) plans, guidelines and tools, through MEASURE Evaluation, JSI is training and coaching central, district and regional data managers and supervisors to manage the HMIS and conduct field supervision visits to improve HMIS management and data quality.


Près Lot II H 50 Ter Mahatony Ivandry
Antananarivo, Madagascar


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JSI has been working in Madagascar since 1986.



JSI has implemented more than 26 projects in Madagascar.


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Currently, 228 staff members work at JSI in Madagascar.

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