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JSI began working in Madagascar in the late 1980s, partnering with USAID to increase access to family planning. JSI’s expertise in the country centers around community health and health system strengthening.

The Community Capacity for Health Program, known locally as Mahefa Miaraka, strengthens the capacity of the local public health system to manage community health activities and support community health volunteers. The program specifically contributes to the Government of Madagascar’s efforts to reduce maternal, child, and newborn mortality and morbidity. During the 2017 plague outbreak that killed over 200 people, the program worked closely with the government to develop a public health response.

Mahefa Miaraka builds on the work of the former USAID-funded and JSI-managed Community-Based Integrated Health program. Past work in the country also includes the USAID MEASURE Evaluation which sought to ensure the appropriate use and implementation of health information systems.

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JSI has been working in Madagascar since 1986.



JSI has implemented more than 26 projects in Madagascar.


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Currently, 228 staff members work at JSI in Madagascar.

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