JSI Contributes to New Guide on Health Worker Interactions

July 18th, 2018 | news


WHO, with input from JSI and other partners, recently released a publication that explores health worker interactions on immunization. The guide represents a coherent synthesis of decades of learning. It is intended to inform actions to improve satisfaction and service quality for parents/caregivers so that they will complete the vaccination schedule.

After summarizing the importance of health workers’ knowledge, attitudes, and practices for enhancing or discouraging uptake of vaccination, the guide offers tools to support the various stages of planning, implementing, analyzing, and using the findings of a local study to inform the design of interventions. The many annexes include sample question and observation guides, a sample plan for training interviewers, and recommendations for conducting qualitative research. While focused on vaccination, the guide may inform data-gathering on the role of health workers in a variety of programs.

In addition to this new publication, the web page includes links to other excellent resource materials for assessing factors influencing vaccination coverage and training health workers to manage pain associated with vaccination and handle difficult conversations with parents who have concerns about having their children vaccinated.

JSI reviewed the initial draft of the document and provided input on research methodology and recommendations for resources on various aspects of qualitative research. JSI also managed and supported a field-test of the guide in Migori County Kenya in late 2016.

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