JSI at the 5th Annual DHIS2 Symposium in DC

April 10th, 2019 | news


JSI will join representatives of other global development agencies, governments, and nongovernmental organizations that promote and use data to drive health-related decisions and actions at the District Health Information System 2 (DHSI2) Symposium in Washington, DC, April 11-12.

Moussa Ly and MEASURE Evaluation colleagues will present the project’s approach to using DHIS2 to strengthen the ability of health service providers in Madagascar to overcome a variety of health problems. MEASURE Evaluation supported the development of the DHIS2 plan of action and a health information system-strengthening committee. MEASURE Evaluation also helped develop training curriculums and guidelines for entering reporting forms into DHIS2. Join the session at 2:15 on April 11th to learn more.

Mamadou Alimou Barry will discuss the importance of stakeholder collaboration when developing nationally integrated health information software, based on of MEASURE Evaluation’s experience in Mali. Alimou’s session will begin at 2:15 pm on April 11th.

Sarah Andersson will talk about how cStock, a community health worker supply chain tool, was created using DHIS2 to capture routine logistics data reporting, support resupply processes, and track stockouts. This presentation will be held on April 12th at 2:15 pm and will highlight the results of a pilot study and plans for scale up.

On April 12 at 3:15 pm, Ismael Ali will discuss USAID Ethiopia’s Primary Health Care project, which introduced DHIS2 to improve data quality and facilitate evidence-based decision-making. Ismael will detail the various challenges that the project encountered and its recommendations for future DHIS2 implementation efforts.

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