Improving Service Experience Through Person-centered Care

November 20th, 2023 | Viewpoint


Asmahan (left), a SHARP-trained community midwife, cares for an infant in Ta’izz Governorate during a routine home visit. Photo: Omar Al-Gunaid/JSI.

Person-centered care has become a buzzword in the global health community. While person-centered care (PCC) is not a new concept, its definition and application in practice are inconsistent and often discussed in relation to specific health program interventions. Despite this, evidence shows that PCC improves access to care, client and provider satisfaction, service quality and efficiency, and health outcomes.

What comprises a person-centered service experience, and why is it important?

We have all had positive and negative experiences with our health systems. Even if we don’t realize it, these experiences influence our future behavior. Did your experience lead you to return for a follow-up appointment? Did you recommend the service or provider to others? Did you trust the information you received enough to act on it?

From our perspective, positive, person-centered services are inclusive, friendly, and respectful. They are identity-affirming and celebratory of diversity. They occur when core PCC principles are put into action and can increase confidence in and demand for health services, improve safety, lower costs, and improve outcomes.

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