Where to Find Us at the International AIDS Conference 2023

July 11th, 2023 | Event


JSI is delighted to convene with colleagues at the International AIDS Conference this year in Brisbane, Australia. We will join conversations about case identification, viral suppression, and the role of behavioral science in improving health outcomes for people living with HIV.

Where to find JSI experts:


JSI’s Adamson Ndhlovu from Zambia DISCOVER- Health Project (USAID) will join a panel discussion hosted by PATH, AVAC, World Health Organization, and the International AIDS Society on real-world approaches to PrEP integration across service areas.
Title: Taking prevention to the next level: Packaging PrEP with primary health care services as a pathway to achieving 2030 HIV prevention and universal health coverage goals
SAT015 | 23 July 11:30 – 12:30 | Plaza Auditorium/Channel 4


Where are the Men? Finding high-risk men through their AGYW sexual partners who are on PrEP in Zambia using HIV prevention indexing
Brenda Simpasa | Monday 24 July, 12:00 PM | MOPEE12 Poster Track E
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Assessing PrEP Integration and Designing Solutions for PrEP Scale-Up in Zambia
– Implementing PrEP Step-by-Step resource
PrEP in Young Men: A Video Testimony


The prevention index testing model: Exploring sexual networks of HIV-negative individuals at substantial risk of HIV acquisition to reach undiagnosed PLHIV with treatment and expand PrEP uptake in Zambia
Adamson Ndhlovu | Program Number EPC0369 | Track C

Ending AIDS in Children by 2030: Finding and Linking Undiagnosed Children Living with HIV (CLHIV) to ART using the ‘Know Your Child’s HIV Status (KYCS)’ model in Zambia
Adamson Ndhlovu | Program Number EPC0474 | Track C

Learning from COVID-19 inspired ART client management innovation: A comparison of retention and viral load suppression between 1 and 3 months dispensation at ART initiation in Zambia.
Lackeby Kawanga | Program Number EPD0757, Track D

An innovative approach to improving viral load demand creation and testing coverage in health facilities in the western region of Ghana.
Presenter: Henry Nagai; Lead Author: Paul Yikpotey | Program Number EPE0870, Track E

Factors associated with achieving viral suppression among people living with HIV in Ghana: a retrospective analysis
Presenter: Henry Nagai; Lead Author: Abdul-Wahab Inusah | Program Number EPC0507, Track C

Using behavioral science to design a new global framework that operationalizes person-centered HIV care: experiences in Zambia and Ghana
Melinda McKay | Program Number EPD0540 | Track D
Read more about JSI’s Person-Centered Care Framework

Can a behavioral science-informed therapeutic alliance be the answer to attaining the third 95 Global UNAIDS target? Promising results from a viral load study involving children on ART in Zambia.
Adamson Ndhlovu | Program Number LBEPD34 | Track D

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